Friday, March 29, 2024

Los Angeles Fashion Week by Art Hearts Fashion, Thursday March 21, 2024, featured beautiful models and man's best friend. It was a smash success.


Los Angeles Fashion Week by Art Hearts Fashion, Thursday March 21, 2024, featured beautiful models and man's best friend. It was a smash success. Man's best friend, swathed in designer doggie gear yearned to outdo its owners, while warming the attendees' hearts, strutting their little furry stuff down the runway.

Snuzzled and at times muzzled in The New Mart, 12 East 9th street, Los Angeles CA 90015, each designer outfit worn by the trained dogs were accompanied by a human model guiding it, by leash, as onlookers adored the little furry ones and the designs worn by both the critter and the human.

The designers were Nicole Miller, Carmen Steffens, Hale Bob, Michael Costello, Trina Turk, Orlebar Brown, Patbo, Onia, Furne Amato, Walter Mendez, Vilebrequin, Jovani, Cotton INC, Black Tape Project, Mr. Triple X, and Michael NGO.



BLU TALKS OPENED AT UCLA  FEATURING AN ECLECTIC LIST OF SPEAKERS FROM VARIOUS DIVERSE SOCIO-ECONOMIC TRAJECTORIES MARCH 25-26, 2024. A think tank, designed to encourage educated discourse among, featured speakers hailing from all walks of life, and successful business arenas, BLU, which stands for business, life, and th universe, has been featured among impressive venues such as, Apple tv, Imdb, KNEKT, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, just to name a few.

Cory Poirier, its founder------an Entrepreneur and Forbes magazine columnist-- has implemented this galvanizing exchange within podcasts, book series, and branded talks, hails from Canada---he brands his live BLU events as "Speaking Re-Imagined". 

Most recently on March 25, Poirier interviewed Eric Zuley, known as the "Digital Dick Clark" celebrity influencer, founder of EZWay Network. It is comprised of a myriad of wealth creation podcast, radio, newspaper, marketing and entertainment driven components, among a versatile field of influencers. Zuley replied that his faith in God and his dad, were his main driving forces. Zuley and Poirier, it was revealed during the interview, had collaborated previously within various functions and events. 

In conclusion, the events from March 25th-26 were filled with incredibly talented influencers such as, Anita Parker, tv network actress, Megan Henry, but arguably the most warm-hearted guest, as he brought his love doggie with him, was influencer, Davis Hawn.

The Royal Maharlika Has Issued a Statement Regarding the Unauthorized Use of Royal Titles and Fraudulent Enthronement

The Royal Legal Advisor and Royal Spokesperson of the Royal Maharlika,
Datu Jordan Bowen, Esq has spoken on the ongoing viral posts on social media regarding unauthorized use of royal titles and fraudulent enthronement.

In his statement he said:

"It has been brought to our attention that on March 22 this year, a “coronation” was held at Gawad Pilipino, Euro TV in Manila, Philippines, during which, NGUYEN THANH HANG, a Vietnamese citizen, was “coronated” as a Princess of the Royal House of Maharlika. 

This event in association with EURO TV MANILA, organized by BHAE AMOR ISHAZY MASTURA (BAINOT MAMASASULOG) and LY THAO KY (BUI THI PHUOC THAO), and those held prior to March 22, were held without the consent and authorization of The Royal Maharlika, by individuals who are by no means connected with, or authorized in any capacity to represent the Royal House. 

The Royal Maharlika wishes to publicly disassociate itself as a Royal House from BHAE AMOR ISHAZY MASTURA (BAINOT MAMASASULOG) a citizen of the Philippines, and LY THAO KY (BUI THI PHUOC THAO) a citizen of Vietnam and confirms that neither of these individuals hold any genuine Royal titles or status, despite their misleading assertations.  

As a Royal House, we endeavor to uphold the values, traditions, and culture of our forefathers and that of our people. In protecting such values, traditions, and noble culture, The Royal Maharlika does not bestow Royal titles (Prince, Princess, King, or Queen) to individuals who are not of Filipino descent. Furthermore, we strictly object to the commercialization of Royal titles and work closely with other Royal Houses to safeguard the integrity of the Royal lineage across the Philippines. 

The Royal Maharlika does not recognize, endorse, or condone the actions of EURO TV MANILA, BHAE AMOR ISHAZY MASTURA (BAINOT MAMASASULOG) and LY THAO KY (BUI THI PHUOC THAO and here forth dissolves all Royal Titles bestowed illegitimately on March 22, including that of NGUYEN THANH HANG as Princess of the Royal House of Maharlika. 

Moreover, The Royal Maharlika as a Royal House in the Philippines does not have any embassies, branches, or associations in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. A list of embassies and branches of the Royal House and its Charity, We Care For Humanity, will be issued in the coming days. 

The Royal Maharlika endeavors to assure the public of our steadfast dedication to justice and our unwavering intolerance to the unjust. Your understanding and support are greatly appreciated as we work to protect the honor and reputation of our Royal institution."

The Royal Maharlika has collected the following posts containing the said fraudulent activities against the royal house.


Saturday, March 16, 2024

WCH and Sultanate of Magindanaw Extended Humanitarian Aid to Markadz Al-arfadz Orphanage Center in the Spirit of Ramadan

COTABATO- Following the successful "Kanduli" (thanksgiving) event, which featured the Sultan of Magindanaw's “stepping on white dust ritual”, the We Care for Humanity (WCH) team and the Maguindanao Royal Family offered humanitarian assistance to the Markadz Al-arfadz Orphanage Center on March 11, 2024, in the spirit of Ramadan.

Since 2022, the U.S.-based non-profit organization WCH has been involved in charitable initiatives in Mindanao in partnership with the Sultanate of Magindanaw. 

Leading the delegation was HRH Queen Mariam Leonor Torres Mastura, the WCH founder, who presented the organization's mission and dedication to aiding the orphanage.

His Majesty Zulkarnain Mastura VI, the 26th Supreme Sultan of Magindanaw, along with other cultural leaders:  Datu Habib Mastura- Secretary General of SKDOP, H. Datu Suod Ibrahim- Daram sa Magindanaw, Datu Jimmy Asim- Datu Mompong sa Kutawato sa Magindanaw, Datu Jordan Sinsuat- Datu Dikaya III, Datu Alee Uy- Marajalayla Salamen Magindanaw, Datu Zainudin Anan Kabulan- Datu Lawan na Datu Dikaya, HRH Febs Mastura Matalam, Royal Princess sa Magindanaw, HRH Jasma Mastura Karon- Rajah Bai sa Magindanaw, HRH Harjida Mastura Karon- Bailaga sa Magindanaw, Fatima Abdulrakman- Bailawan sa Dikaya, and foreign guest, Dr. Abdalla Sharief- Datu Marajalaila sa UN, who is also the president of United Nations Correspondents Association of Vienna (UNCAV), shared uplifting messages during the visit.

Ustadz Al-faradh Markadz expressed gratitude for the support and congratulated the newly enthroned Sultan on his prosperous reign.

The collaboration between the We Care for Humanity and the Sultanate of Magindanaw has significantly benefited the Markadz Al-arfadz Orphanage Center. During this 2nd visit, essential supplies such as rice and groceries were provided to support the orphanage's needs during Ramadan.

Their generous humanitarian gestures have truly embodied the spirit of Ramadan, bringing hope and joy to the underprivileged children.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024



HRH Queen Maria Amor's domain appears to be the world, as she jets around the globe either imploring for peace in war torn Gaza, bringing investors to economically malnourished nations, including her homeland The Philippines and various areas of Africa, Vietnam, Cambodia and a plethora of needy nations caught in the cross hairs of her humanitarian missions.

Amassed within this human problem-solving dynamo, who exudes empathy like the sun unleashes nuclear emissions, her various titles, almost overwhelming includes Queen of Maharlika, and Philippine's Princess of Calabarzon; her beauty earned her a Ms. Philippines title a few years ago. 

Interestingly enough, she has spearheaded an investment summit in Uganda called East Africa Global Summit 2024, which is, according to an article posted on March 2023 in's Finance and Investment section, designed to attract over 2000 heads of state and global investors for various sectors, including Uganda's Education and Water Projects Nakasongora Cattle Corridor. 

In addition, the article stated that Queen Amor's efforts were buttressed with an African entourage consisting of Heal the Planet Global Organization, We Care for Humanity's Ugandan country director, HTP President Kivumbi Earnst Benjamin, and Jorum Bukima , respectively speaking. Further strengthening her position, were the accompaniments of Buruuri King HRH Isabaruuli IsaaborongoMwatyansozi Mwogezi Butamanya, and his kingdom ministers---HICGI news also quoted King Kivumbi as saying, as the region's population is so enormous, the largest in Africa and one of the world's largest, he endorses an East African regional bloc, which will have the opportunity to trade with investors on a global scale.