Friday, March 29, 2024

The Royal Maharlika Has Issued a Statement Regarding the Unauthorized Use of Royal Titles and Fraudulent Enthronement

The Royal Legal Advisor and Royal Spokesperson of the Royal Maharlika,
Datu Jordan Bowen, Esq has spoken on the ongoing viral posts on social media regarding unauthorized use of royal titles and fraudulent enthronement.

In his statement he said:

"It has been brought to our attention that on March 22 this year, a “coronation” was held at Gawad Pilipino, Euro TV in Manila, Philippines, during which, NGUYEN THANH HANG, a Vietnamese citizen, was “coronated” as a Princess of the Royal House of Maharlika. 

This event in association with EURO TV MANILA, organized by BHAE AMOR ISHAZY MASTURA (BAINOT MAMASASULOG) and LY THAO KY (BUI THI PHUOC THAO), and those held prior to March 22, were held without the consent and authorization of The Royal Maharlika, by individuals who are by no means connected with, or authorized in any capacity to represent the Royal House. 

The Royal Maharlika wishes to publicly disassociate itself as a Royal House from BHAE AMOR ISHAZY MASTURA (BAINOT MAMASASULOG) a citizen of the Philippines, and LY THAO KY (BUI THI PHUOC THAO) a citizen of Vietnam and confirms that neither of these individuals hold any genuine Royal titles or status, despite their misleading assertations.  

As a Royal House, we endeavor to uphold the values, traditions, and culture of our forefathers and that of our people. In protecting such values, traditions, and noble culture, The Royal Maharlika does not bestow Royal titles (Prince, Princess, King, or Queen) to individuals who are not of Filipino descent. Furthermore, we strictly object to the commercialization of Royal titles and work closely with other Royal Houses to safeguard the integrity of the Royal lineage across the Philippines. 

The Royal Maharlika does not recognize, endorse, or condone the actions of EURO TV MANILA, BHAE AMOR ISHAZY MASTURA (BAINOT MAMASASULOG) and LY THAO KY (BUI THI PHUOC THAO and here forth dissolves all Royal Titles bestowed illegitimately on March 22, including that of NGUYEN THANH HANG as Princess of the Royal House of Maharlika. 

Moreover, The Royal Maharlika as a Royal House in the Philippines does not have any embassies, branches, or associations in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. A list of embassies and branches of the Royal House and its Charity, We Care For Humanity, will be issued in the coming days. 

The Royal Maharlika endeavors to assure the public of our steadfast dedication to justice and our unwavering intolerance to the unjust. Your understanding and support are greatly appreciated as we work to protect the honor and reputation of our Royal institution."

The Royal Maharlika has collected the following posts containing the said fraudulent activities against the royal house.


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