Wednesday, January 31, 2024

The NSMA exploded in its 2nd Annual edition amidst much fanfare at The Mayan, in downtown Los Angles January 28, 2024.

The NSMA-National Social Media Awards-- exploded amidst much fanfare at The Mayan, in downtown Los Angles January 28, 2024, as social media afficionados jostled for supremacy on its red carpet, networked, and prepared for one of the highest energy events in this early 2024 season so far.

Local influencer Dr. Eric Zuley--accompanied with Dr. Dante Sears---longtime friend with, Cassandra Cooper, producer of this event, of EZ Way Network Wall of fame, was one of its sponsors and presenters--------presented the 2024 Reality star of the Year award.

There were over 20 different categories, containing 6 nominations for each, for this incredible event, which recognized "superstars" impacting Tik Tok, Instagram. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube-----star studded event consisting of domestic and international celebrities, including Host Mirna Velasco, open performer Lika, Fatell, Yng Zuck, Donna Glytch.

Interestingly enough, as Congressional furor roars at Facebook's creator Mark Zuckerberg, demanding an apology for alleged suicides, mental and physical harm initiated via social media, this event, according to The Social Media Research Institute(, November 12, 2023, showed not only the good that this dynamic creates but also some of the charitable worldwide projects, and incredible accomplishments that have positively impacted society from social media.

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