Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Sultanate of Magindanaw Appoints Emissary to the United Nations

COTABATO - On the 9th of March, the Sultanate of Magindanaw Mandanaue Darussalam, a historic kingdom in Mindanao, Philippines, convened a "Kanduli" ceremony to commemorate the enthronement of His Majesty Abdulaziz Zulkarnain Mastura Kudarat VI as the new Sultan of Magindanaw, succeeding his late brother, Sultan Salem Mastura Kudarat V.

A key highlight of the event was the appointment of Dr. Abdalla Sharief, President of the United Nations Correspondents Association of Vienna (UNCAV), as the International Ambassador of Goodwill (Datu Marajalaila) to the United Nations and the Arab World. Dr. Sharief's primary role is to advocate for the Sultanate's mission and vision within these esteemed institutions.

This appointment was accompanied by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Sultanate and UNCAV, outlining their mutual duties and obligations for the benefit of the Sultanate of Magindanaw.

Sultan Zulkarnain emphasized that the title of Datu Marajalaila serves as an official designation aimed at broadening the Sultanate's reach and enhancing diplomatic relations with the global community. He underscored the significance of nurturing mutual comprehension and cooperation on an international level, outlining the Sultanate's dedication to peace, cultural interchange, and sustainable progress.

The Crown Prince of Magindanaw, HRH Datu Muamar Mastura, expressed his belief that UNCAV’s visit will not only bolster Magindanaw's reputation as a forward-thinking and peace-loving state but also pave the way for future collaborations and partnerships that will benefit the region as a whole.

Playing a pivotal role in this appointment and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Queen Mariam Leonor Torres Mastura, the Bai Mompong sa Magindanaw expressed her unwavering confidence in Sharief's capability to serve as the Sultanate's emissary to the United Nations. Citing their shared history and his adeptness in engaging with various Arab nations, she vouched for him as a seasoned diplomat with a profound understanding of international relations.

Abdalla Sharief, in his acceptance speech, expressed gratitude for the honor bestowed upon him and affirmed his dedication to representing the Sultanate with integrity and diligence. He acknowledged the rich history and heritage of Magindanaw and pledged to work tirelessly towards promoting its interests and values on the world stage.

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